GITA 1 Projects

This year, I programmed in C#. It was a great introduction to computer programming!
I used Visual Studios by Microsoft! Click HERE to download it.

GITA 2 Projects

This year, I'm taking GITA 2, which focuses on developing our digital profile and programming in HTML. This course has sharpened up my coding and design skills immensely. It's interesting, fun, and I've learned so much so far!

Film Production

Making Videos is my passion. I love to film and edit various films for my community. Click HERE to access the videos I made for the Brea Museum, Gryphon Fencing, GITA 1, and many others.

Click here for my most recent project: Jellyfish.

Date: 2/15/18

Randomly generated Jellyfish with a predator that tracks them! The bad guy will eat newly spawned fish that'll be floating around. Feel free to generate more jellies using the button under the canvas.

~2nd Semester Projects~

AI Space Invaders

Date: 12/11/17

This is an upgrade from the previous space invaders! In this program, the bad guy will follow you in all directions. Hit it 3 times and you win!

Click on the picture to access it!

Circle Bounce

Date: 1/9/18

The circles will randomly bounce in all directions and off of each other. They are arranged randomly and with random colors.

Click on the picture to access it!

AI with Array

Date: 1/29/18

This project is an upgrade of the previous program. I learned how to make a health bar in javascript and an array of bad guys moving at different speeds.

Click on the picture to access it!