About Me


Hi! This is my GITA 3 Website. Here, you can access all of my projects over the course of 3 years in different programming languages.

This year as a junior, I have a full course load: AP Calculus BC, GITA 3, AP US History, AP English Language, AP Physics C Mechanics and Electricity/Magnetism, AP Biology, and Spanish 3. Although I have a tough schedule, I believe that the rigor parallels with what I will experience in college, preparing me for the future.

Outside of school, I'm a nationally competitive fencer and Junior Olympian. Fencing is my passion, and I'm actively competing, refereeing, and coaching in the USFA.

Thinking ahead, I would like to pursue a STEM-related major in college and work or intern part time to eventually pursue an interdisciplinary career in the space industry.

Enjoy my site!

My Corner

Gryphon Fencing Official Website

As my sophomore year final project, I redesigned my fencing club's website. Coaches, parents, competitive athletes, and anyone who's interested in fencing can now easily access practice schedules and upcoming tournaments.

Magic Planet Astronaut Crew Training Interface

Summer 2018: My fellow NASA interns and I designed and programmed a web interface that displays a collection of ISS inages of various focal lengths, organized by continent and geolocation!


2018 was a transformative year in my life. Here are a couple of my favorite clips.